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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet
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Sysmay Computer Investment
KHR 796,000.00
USD 199.00
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-Supports Mac Mini 2018. Will support Mac mini or Mac mini with OS X Server [mid 2010 (4,1) through late 2014 (7,1)] but does not support use of DVD drive
-1U height and standard mounting holes allow RackMac mini to be installed easily into any standard equipment rack
-Top cover padding which holds the computers firmly in place during transport and 11-inch mounting depth make RackMac mini perfectly suited for portable rack installations
-Manages airflow from front to back through each computer to keep them ambient temperature chill, even when RackMac mini is mounted between two other components
-Securely installs one or two Mac minis inside a 1U rackmount enclosure
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Tablet Accessories
Sonnet Technologies
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United States of America
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